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Citing Sources and Plagiarism

Citing Sources and Plagiarism

Note Taking

Once you start your research,it's important to take good notes and keep them organized. Here's a slide show to help you with the process:


When taking notes, make sure you give credit to where you got the information. Use the author's words. Check this site for more information:

Many people think of plagiarism as copying another's work or borrowing someone else's original ideas. Not sure about this? View this document to find some answers: Avoiding Plagiarism.

Once you've done that, use these links for online forms to help with citing your sources:

Online tools for note-taking, outlining, citation, document archiving/annotation, and collaborative research and writing.

Use this handout for quick information on setting up your own account:

Creating Student NoodleTools Accounts

Use these links on how to use NoodleTools

Noodle Tools Quick Guide for Students

Noodle Tools How-To's

Creating a Works Cited Page

Use this handout for step by step instructions on how to create your Works Cited Page.
The primary goal of both this guide and the online tool at the end is to make the proper crediting of information so easy that it becomes a habit, not a task that you stop doing outside of school. Someday the information that the teacher, student, or other information user is citing will be yours.

Remember, Cite the Site you Sight!


Use these printable handouts for note taking and for keeping track of your sources:
Note Taking Worksheets: Internet; Books; Encyclopedias; Databases (such as Gale or researchIt CT/iConn)

When to Give Credit
Using Direct Quotes
Works Cited Worksheet