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            Role of the Guidance Department
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            Mrs. Dobosz
            Mrs. Ciccarini
            Early College Planning Parent Breakfast
            High School Applications and Open House
            Student Success Plans
            Transition to High School Powerpoint
      Health Haven
      Green Cleaning Program Statement
      School Strategic School Profile Report (SSP)
      Asbestos and Pesticide use forms
            7 - Cougars
                  Mr. Lance's Language Arts Page
                  Mr. Simon's World Geography Page
                  Mr. Campbell's Math Page
                  Ms. Cline's Science Page
                        Science Notebooks
                        Science Safety
                        Science Inquiry
                              Inquiry Review
                        Living Things and Cells
                        Human Body
                              Human Body Websites
                        Current Events
                        Extra Credit
                              Ecology Project
                              Digestive Diseases
                        Online help and assignments
            7 - Panthers
                  Science - Mrs. Andersen
                        Ecology and Cells
                        Human Body Systems
                        Heredity & Genetics
                        CLASP: Forensic Science
                              CLASP Math and Science Websites
                              CLASP Optical Illusions
                        Websites & Class Activities
                              Websites Used in Class and for Homework
                                    Websites: Interactions Among Living Things
                                    September Lab Stations
                                    Producers, Consumers, Decomposers
                                    Human Body Homework Videos
                                    Types of Bone Fractures
                              CFA Forms
                              Honors Science
                        Pumpkin Pictures!
                  Language Arts - Mrs. Ayres
                  Social Studies- Mrs. Petshaft
                  Mathematics - Mrs. Koch
                  Team News: WHAT HAPPENS THE FIRST DAY?
            7/8 - Lions
                  Helpful Links
                   Social Studies-Mrs. Meiman
                  Math- Mr. Jensen
                  Science-Mr. Creem
            8 - Pumas
                  Language Arts - Mr. Broadbin
                  Math- Mr. DeNuzzo
                  Science- Mr. Newlan
                        Reference Handouts
                        8th Grade Honors
                        8th Grade
                        How To Do Research
                        Fun Stuff
                        Climate Change Survey
                  Social Studies - Mrs. Degnan
                  Specials Classess
            8- Jaguars
                  Social Studies - Mrs. Coutinho
                  Language Arts - Mr. Vignati
                        Common Core
                  Math- Mr. Testroet
                  Science- Mr. Killian
                  Team Expectations
            World Language
                  Mrs. Orpilla
                        Classroom Expectations
                        Useful Links
                        Projects & Rubrics
                        Study Guides and Vocabulary Lists
                        Homework Calendar
                              Spanish 1a - Periods 1, 2, 3, 5
                              Spanish 1b - Periods 6 & 7
                  Ms. Salas
                  Student Expectations
                  Grading Rubrics
                  Contact Mrs. Baraquin
                  Experencing Music Concepts & Skills
                  Chorus Concepts & Skills
                  Chorus Curriculum
                  MP3s of Concert Music
                        Select Choir Information:
                              MP3's of Select Choir Music
            WOOSTER MIDDLE SCHOOL Band and Jazz Ensemble
                  WMS Band
                  Mr. Dobosz
                        Grade 7
                              Word Processing
                              Presentation Software
                              Internet Safety
                              Graphic Organizer
                              Frequently visited websites
                              Photo Album
                        Grade 8
                        Almost Daily Posting
                        Calendar of Events
                        Contacting Mr. Dobosz
                  Mr. Palmucci
                        What is PLTW?
                        Beginning of Year Form
                        Rules and Grading Policies
                        Miniquest Project
                        Design Process
                        Air Racer Lab
                        Ruler Reading
                        Design Elements
                        Orthographic Projections
                        Autodesk Inventor
                        Bridge Design Challenge
                        Simple Machines
                        Mid-Year Evaluation
                        End of Year Reflection
                        Game Links
                        Blue Ribbon Testing
            7 & 8 Art
                  Art Curriculum
                  Students At Work
            7 & 8 Health & Physical Education
                  Physical Education & Health Home
                        *Physical Education Standands
                        Meet Our Staff
                              Mrs. Piroh
                              Mrs. Cable
                              Mr. McCallum
                        Course Requirements
                        *National Health Standards
                              Parent Health Links
                        PE Handbook
                              PE Curriculum
                              What Will I Learn?
                              How Will I Be Graded?
                              PE Activities
                              Locker Room Safety
                              Uniform Policy
                              Medical Concerns - Class Exemptions
                              Tips for Success
                              Mastery Test
                              Journey of Discovery
                              Extra Credit Assignment
                        Marking Period #1
                        Archery Unit
                        Archery Unit Safety: Standards/7 Steps to Good Shooting
                        Archery Participation Form
            Pupil Services
                  School Psychologist
                        Homework Resources
                        Homework Tips For Parents
                  School Social Worker
                  PPTs & Annual Reviews
      Curriculum Overview
      Award Criteria
      7th Grade supply list
      8th Grade supply list
      National Junior Honor Society
            Meeting Information
      Be Kind
      Peer Mentoring
      Rachel's Challenge
      Track and Field
News & Resources
      Introduction to Wooster Middle School Videos
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            Resources Survey
            Noodle Tools Survey
      Power School Parent Portal
      Naviance Family Connection
      Student Accident Insurance Form
      Upcoming Events
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      Wooster PTSA Meetings & Minutes
      Wooster PTSA Executive Board
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